MotoGP Weekend in Austin

After a weekend of fun in the sun, booze, and little sleep Monday’s 6 mile run was the best in a long time. The run really boosted my confidence. I am not thinking I may actually peak for the race. I did a lot of walking this weekend which I didn’t expect but may have really helped. It is very hard to just go out and walk when you feel like you must run but walking can really help you recover.
This was my first time at a motorcycle race or any motor race for that matter. Wow I didn’t even know bike could do what they did. You can lean it so far over you can drag your elbow? Well actually yes you can. Unfortunately as normal the Ducati team didn’t do that we’ll but there looks to be some promise in the new teammate #4 Andrea Dovizioso. I ate like shit or did I. They didn’t serve hot dogs they served bison dogs at the track and I was forced to drink mostly light beer. The scale says I ate like shit but that may just be water retention due to the high sodium. Of course I had to go to the doctor yesterday and they took my blood pressure and it was through the roof. I had some explaining to do.






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